Net Neutrality and Journeys.

Hello Everyone,

By the time you read this I will be on an Airplane to Berlin, Germany. 3D_airberlin

Dwayne and Shakira,the TAs will be running the class today. Please feel free to contact me via email at any point and I will get back to you as soon as possible. It is important that you refer back to the blog regularly as I will be blogging from abroad. I will also be posting assignments, tutorials and readings throughout the week. This is a hybrid class and students are expected to put in 3-4 hours of work in outside of class.

I got inspired to make a 3D gifs after reading this article. The idea that one could create an illusion with something as simple as two white lines I found intriguing and poetic. It essentially incorporates a simple design principle: Overlapping objects will give the allusion that one object is closer than another. Of course, as usual – when working with remixed material, one must really analyze the images you choose to work with. For this particular gif – it is important that you choose a sequence that is coming towards you. Remember Gifs work best when they are short sequences. (12-30 frames) Since a gif is essentially loop it is also important to consider how the last frame meets the first frame.

1)Many of you have already done so – but I would like each of you to create a Tumblr account. In this account you should post and tag all your gifs. Please email me your Tumblr sites by the end of class.

2) Discuss

Its difficult to imagine the world with out the web. It has become such important part of our lives that often we can longer separate our on-line life and our actual life. We use the web in all areas of our lives including personal, economic and political. Up until this point the web has been a medley of professional and amateur media co-existing often feeding off of each other.  Tim Berners-Lee the man who invented the internet has recently been speaking out against the recent FCC ruling that threatens Net neutrality. Here is an article on it by By David Kravets in Wired.

3) Homework

Please re-watch the video posted above and read this article by Tim Berners-Lee. Write a one page response paper/post in which you explain in your own words what net neutrality is, why it is being discussed this year is and what Tim Berners- Lee perspective is. Do you agree or disagree? Be prepared to discuss and to turn it in next Monday.

4) More Homework –

I would like you to take 9 -12 photographs and that tell a story about a “journey to somewhere”. You may also choose to use old family pictures or found images.  You may interpret this assignment literally or figuratively. Journeys can also be interpreted as life challenges that must be overcome in order to succeed, be happy or simply grow up. Please then assemble them in a Google Slide Show and have a link prepared for the next class-tag and tweet it out. If you want you may also use Powerpoint (you will still have to upload your presentation to Google Drive) or Prezi (Prezi is an online application and provides a link to share). Please use only imagesNO TEXT. Be sure to upload all presentations to your Google drive. Also – No Crazy transitions – simple is better. Straight cuts or fades will work well. I’m including a little tutorial on how to create presentations. This is a tutorial that gives you an overview of Google Drive. And here is another tutorial that covers how to share files from your Google drive. Send me an email if you would like some feedback.

I’ll post my Berlin Narrative – so, check back in a day or two.

Please consider how each photo links to the next creating a narrative. Also think about each frame’s individual composition. You may want to work some ideas out on paper. This is sometimes called storyboarding. Be prepared to present your work to the class.

Here is a short piece that comes out of a creative commons journalism class. Apparently the student, Priyanka Ghetia was not in the class but because the course was on line (like DS106!) – she was able to participate from far away. The piece is beautiful and haunting. It appears that both students below used video programs to put their pieces together which is why they have more control over the slow fades and could add sound. I found their work inspirational and encourage you to really think about the mood of your pieces. We’ll take a look when I get back.

Journey to nowhere by Alex Mason.

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