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I can’t believe this our last class! By the end of today’s class I will need to have OKed all final projects Remember – Your Transmedia stories must successfully give your character an on line identity and contextualize her or him in the Megaflood story that has been unfolding. Presentation is important! Consider how you will put the media elements together and how together they propel the story. Everything must be on your blogs! Consider embedding some of the tweets you participated in.

Final project minimum required elements:

  • Character development
  • Social media/twitter identity
  • use of at least one online application (timeline, storify, mapping tools, visualization app, etc., )
  • One media piece – sound or video (3 min)
  • additional media (gifs, image editing, paper)
  • A reflection blog post (due after finals but before I grade)
  • All media must be organized on one page of your blog!


King Rats are Smart! Total Panic! Bounty Extra Credit Prize! 

This footage was leaked to the press late night causing alarm and is largely considered a warning to all borough kingdoms. Below is an x-ray of the rapidly occurring mutations photographed during stage 1. Human tissue is grafted to the intricate rat web.


[ezcol_1half]New York is switching to triple black emergency mode for the fifth time today. All defense forces are out fighting the King Rat infestation, which is proving increasingly difficult.  What makes these rat conglomerates remarkable is their ability to multiply not only in number but also in intelligence kilowatts. New Yorkers are being enveloped at the rate of 2 people per hour sometimes increasing in the evening.  As human’s brain tissue is devoured, it grafts itself rapidly on to the rat web becoming a robust organism.  Some fear that New Yorkers are at risk of morphing into a new rat-being breed.[/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]

Fortunately, many people are already on the streets killing the king rats and protecting their people as best they can. The Feds are offering an extra-credit bounty prize to the borough that manages to regain control of this New York pandemic.  In the event that the problem should continue to expand they are threatening a drone attack.

The Challenge is on! Which Borough Kingdom will come up with the best plan to save the greater NYC? Tweet it out! Use Tags #CT101 #Megaflood #umberto #Yourboroughkingdom


The Storm is Rageing – Who will hear you?

Ok – The saga continues … babys are being born, cupcakes are being sold, rats are roaming, friends are lost. Who can you trust? Where are you DIgital Story tellers? Follow – (wordpress) Follow megastorm2019 on twitter. The official record is depending on your voice – tweet like hell and use the tags #CT101, #megaflood #umberto and share all maps, info graphics and timelines.

Threads from our Boroughs

Check out:

And people continue to send plot updates – Manhattan we’re waiting on you.

Read these plot summaries as you build out your characters and storlines and see if you incorporate or reference an element from another’s boroughs plots.

Brooklyn KingDom

After the Flood Warnings and the majority of neighborhood dead and some have evacuated, all their remains is an ex soldier names James A. Brut that suffers from anxiety and is bit paranoid since his early exit from the army, he later meets Will Freeman a older gentleman who spent most of his youth in prison after being wrongly convicted for a drug bust in 2004 since then people don’t give him the time of day as no one knows he was truly innocent, with no choice to bring him along  they set to move forward and try to get out of the city. they come in a running with Faith Solo a college student who is more focus on her work then life itself she has no friends and a bit anti social and trust issues as she was abandon as a child, after keeping a tight group of three we stumble upon a pregnant woman named Sonya K. a med student who was months away from graduating after thinking positive and always having an optimistic approach to life she come to be scared let people close as her baby father ives in the kingdom of Manhattan. the group is a bit dysfunctional as no body trust one another the only thing they agree on is survive and prolong the Brooklyn way.

Queens borough Kingdom

Our team meets up at a target on Queens Blvd where we are looking for first aid, food, clothing and any other essential items we may need on our journey. The wind is blowing really fast where trees are falling and electrical wires are snapping from the cable post. We don’t know each other but are the only people left in target so we choose to come together  and make our way to Flushing Meadows where there is a bunker with everything we will need to survive this flood.

Long Island City Long Island- Queens to Brooklyn

We all hear about the flood at the restaurant in Queens and we team up to all go to the medical office in Brooklyn as a safe house, we listen to DS106 fm for traffic reports and news in the tank.

So the story thus far is that I’ve wandered into Long Island after managing to kill off my would-be attackers. After finding out my supply of weed is running low, I contact my cupcake dealer Alberto for some more, and says we’ll meet in Brooklyn. Being too tired to make the trip there for now, I stumbled upon the restaurant that I used to travel to back then, I go into it. Suprise suprise the owner Stella is still  alive, she too was suprised to see me alive, gave me a meal and would let me stay the night. It wasn’t long until I got another suprise in the form of Alberto popping up at the store. Holding back my urge to curse him out I simply inquire the hell he is doing here, and he claims that he’s here for Stella’s money which she owes him. He says that his stash is in brooklyn,so I decide to stick around with him until the end. Soon after that Alberto’s crazy stalker of a girlfriend Nurse Phillis arrives there as well. Even more suprising is when we we hear a fucking TANK roll up to the restaurant and out comes a pregant woman named Cassie, who is also a regular there, she is also pregnant as well. Good news and Bad news: there was indeed a doctor there, but her office was in Brooklyn. Thus Phillis and I try to help out as much as we can. The radio then annouces that we’re going to be hit with a massive superstorm and Long Island is fucked. Seeing as Cassie is in need of proper medical care and we all need to get out ASAP, we all decided that it would be best if we head to Phillis’ office in brooklyn. We pack up supplies and weapons then get inside Cassie’s tank. Our Journey to brooklyn begins now…

Staten Island

The groups of misfits are stranded on Staten Island and the entire county is trying to escape. The ferries are no longer operational and we must make it towards to Manhattan and try to take one of the last choppers out of here or else we’re going to die. Four people stranded on the island, a Cop, ex-con, doctor and a crafter. Only 48 hours for the storm to hit, the entire Staten Island is evacuated, we missed the last ferry out of the island and it crashed. We can’t trust each other as strangers, but we have to work together in order to survive. We are headed to the city, trusting an ex-con with the hopes of finding a chopper to lead us before the storm hits.

South Bronx(SoBro) Plot

Plot: As we meet up by the herbalist garden where Grandma jalli lives, a personal conflict will arise between two people in the group. One maybe due to the alcoholism of Shamar and his inadequate intel to make it make to his old home, Safe Haven. Sunshine Ryan has hemophobia which can cause an arise since she is suppose to be the warrior of the group. It may take more than 48 hrs to get to Safe Haven before Umberto comes to destroy the entirety of SoBro. A giant king rat approaches us as we began making our way to Safe Haven, yet we have no ammunition but we can make weapons to try to defeat the large king rat. Many other obstacles can happen before umberto hits but they hope and pray they can at least make it to Safe Haven.

Operation King Rat and Homework

Couple things from the laundry list.

New York’s disaster story of the century has a new webpage that will be aggregating all your project related media through the use of URL tags to the page. The project url: is here Check out the site regularly for story updates and important survival instructions.

megaflood umerto will be live twitting through out the storm. Follow megastorm2019 and keep an eye on it for to the minute to minute updates. Things change fast don’t be left behind.  In addition,  when tweeting  also use the hashtag #ct101. Your will always need to tag using #megaflood, #umberto, #ct101 and a borough tag.  If you want to make sure that a particle person in the class gets a direct message use @theirname.

Homework is to develop a social media profile for your character throughout the week. Each character must have a twitter account  but other social media sites such as instagram, facebook, blogs may also be used. For the next two days you will be tweeting from the perspective of your character. Tweet at least 10 background pre-flood tweets. One tweet should link back to your character description posted on your blog.

Wednesday at 10 AM the flood is hitting hard! Lots and lots of panic tweets.  Lets make megaflood trend! 

By the end of class each group should post the plot summary to the iloveyork tumblr site Please introduce your characters and link them back to the character descriptions.

Here are the hashtags: #ct101 #megaflood #umberto #manhattankingdom #brooklynkingdom #bronxkingdom #queenskingdom #statenislandkingdom

you can direct messages to me using the @megaflood

You must also create a map, timeline or info graphic which displays plot points discussed with your groups. These should be embedded in your blogs and twitter out.

Here are some mapping and time line tools.  Google Maps allows you to create customized Maps. Here is a tutorial. This tutorial shows you how to embed the maps onto your wordpress sites. JS timelines is also a really interesting way to present media. I also think that popcorn maker and storify are effective tools to organize and present various forms of media. You may also want to your character a foursquare account which would would allow you to add geo-spacial element to the story.

Here are some great tools to make free infographics.
















Early this morning New Yorkers were woken up by the sounds of military helicopters above followed by fluttering. Abraham Lancaster of Jamaica Queens said “at first I thought it was thousands of birds flying above but than I realized that they were bits of paper”  He added “it was crazy the whole sky got darker – it was like a shadow” In further attempts to quarantine New York City the federal government has delivered an important message to the borough kingdoms by literally dropping leaflets from the sky announcing a looming pandemic. As sea water rises to unprecedented heights and the rat infested subway tunnels fill up with water – millions of giant king rats have been released onto the streets of New York! Over 700 people have been reported missing. Officials are still looking at evidence that would point to the exact reason.

nyc-skyline-photo-lynn-trimble copy


Breaking News: Mega Flood Umberto 48 hours away! What’s your survival plan?


Hard to believe but the semester is quickly drawing to an end! This is your final – 25% of your grade!

To set the stage its 2019 and Greater NY has been deserted by the rest of the country. It’s each Feudal Borough Kingdom for itself! Who can you trust? Below is the breaking news radio segment. (Those of you were absent yesterday belong to the Borough Kingdom Staten Island!!!!!) Your job as a Kingdom is to figure out a 48 hour survival plan. If your borough is below sea level you better start heading up – If your borough is on highland beware of feuding boroughs who want your land!  Although much of New York has been destroyed and there is no remaining infrastructure we still have the internet and radio. In the year 2019 cell phone towers roam around on Blimp Fortresses. Your job as an individual (and what your final grade will be based on) is to create a character that has an internet presence in the past, present and future.  Use social media, websites, video, sound, and image editing to create an online identity for your character. By May 17th (Finals) you will be presenting a Transmedia portrait consisting of at 3-5 media platforms fleshing out your character. In addition, we will be creating a wordpress site which aggregates all the media you have produced.

Stay tuned … and keep an eye out for megaflood.ny!!!!

Ok … by Monday please follow the 9 steps to character development guidlines which I have posted below. This should be a 1-2 page document which you post on your site.


1. Communication style: How does your character talk? Does she favor certain words or phrases that make her distinct and interesting? What about the sound of her voice? Much of our personality comes through our speech, so think about the way your character is going to talk. Her style of communication should be distinctive and unique.

2. History: Where does your character come from? Think out his childhood and adolescence. What events shaped his personality? What did his father do for a living? How about his mother? How many siblings does he have? Was it a loving family or an abusive, dysfunctional one? What events led him to the career choices he made? You may not need to provide all this background to your reader, but it’s good to know as the writer. It helps give him substance in your mind as well.

3. Appearance: What does she look like? This may be the least important ingredient to make your character a person to the reader, but you should still know it in your own mind. Not every character needs to be drop-dead gorgeous, by the way. Most people aren’t.

4. Relationships: What kind of friends and family does he have? How does he relate to them? Is he very social or reclusive, or somewhere in between? People can be defined by the company they keep, so this can be a good way to define your character.

5. Ambition: Just as this is the central letter of the acrostic, so too this concept is absolutely central to your character and plot. What is her passion in life? What goal is she trying to accomplish through your story? What is her unrecognized, internal need and how will she meet it?

6. Character defect: Everyone has some personality trait that irritates his friends or family. Is he too self-centered? Too competitive? Too lazy? Too compliant? Too demanding of others? Don’t go overboard on this. After all, you want your reader to like the character. But he’ll feel more real if he has some flaw. This is usually connected to his unrecognized need (see Ambition) and often gets resolved through his character arch.

7. Thoughts: What kind of internal dialogue does your character have? How does she think through her problems and dilemmas? Is her internal voice the same as her external? If not, does this create internal conflict for her? In real life we don’t have the benefit of knowing someone’s innermost thoughts, but a novel allows us to do just that, so use it to your advantage.

8. Everyman-ness: How relatable is your character? While James Bond is fun to watch on screen, most of us aren’t uber-trained special agent-assassins so it’s a little hard to relate to him on a personal level. On the other hand, Kurt Russell’s character in the movie Breakdown was far more ordinary and relatable, creating a more visceral experience. Be careful not to make your character too elite or he may be too difficult to live vicariously through. And that, after all, is the key to suspense.

9. Restrictions: More than a personality flaw, what physical or mental weakness must your character overcome through her arch? After all, even Superman had Kryptonite. This helps humanize your character, making her more sympathetic and relatable.

Write a 1 paragraph summary of  the background story and plot twists your group came up with on Monday.

In 2013 post Sandy WNYC created an interactive flood zone map. You can use this as a guide.

Lastly create a 100 px by 100 px avatar for your character.

Shoot me an email if you have any questions …


Humor, Race and Mockumentaries

I hope that you are all having a well deserved break and that you are taking advantage of the time to make up any work that you may have missed! I will be checking all your blogs within the next few days – so make sure they are looking awesome!

The Tribeca Film festival is about to start and they have some really interesting examples of what they are calling Storyscapes. I’m going to go! Check it out!!! Its free!

I wanted to congratulate you all on your mockumentaries. Many of them were extremely funny as well as being thought provoking. Please, tweet them out using the hashtag: #ct101, #mockumentaries, and direct message me @chloesmolarski.

In my second class the important question of the relationship between race and humor was addressed. Last week the blog-sphere was full of  media commentary now referred to as #cancelcolbert. Stephen Colbert is a Comedy Central comedian who will actually be moving to CBS soon replacing David Letterman. Colbert impersonates ironically a “willfully ignorant” (his own words) news pundit. Last week a staff person tweeted something out – that out of context was construed as being racist towards Asian people. An activist, Suey Park whose twitter handle is “Angry Asian Woman” responded with the hash tag #cancelcolbert which instigated a lively debate about twitter and humor. I am going to post some of the videos, tweets,  and articles which I would like you to read and then please blog your own opinion about  “#cancelcolbert” as well as your own thoughts on the topic of humor and race by next Monday.

Here is the original clip in which Colbert used a parody to critique Washington’s Redskins team name. Angry Asian

These are the tweets that Suey Park tweeted that trended.







Here are a couple of the articles that attempted to analyze the the outrage causing a media storm. The New Yorker, Color lines, Huffingtonpost, Salon and Time. Please do your own searches to supplement this list. Below are Colbert’s and Suey Park’s responses.




Happy Editing and First Sunny Day

Hello People -

Very excited to see your mockumentaries! Please come to class on time so that we have enough time to see them all. Don’t forget to upload them to Youtube or Vimeo and embed them into your WP sites.

Also, I understand that we got a late start to our WordPress sites but please make sure they are up to date by Monday. Let me know if you have any questions.

Just for fun – This video always makes me happy.